Welcome to Terry Little Music!

Are you ready to explore the wonderful world of music? Do you dream of playing in front of your family and friends? Learning to write songs? Maybe you are a seasoned musician but you want to take it to another level. Do you have a child that runs around the house singing and you want to unlock their inner potential? Or do you just want to learn to sing and play songs for yourself? Do you need to prepare for an audition or pageant?

I can help you unleash that inner musician. I can show you the way.

I offer:
1. Tailored Lessons: Every person is unique, with unique goals and gifts. This personalized approach ensures students will quickly progress. I have developed a teaching system that incorporates different learning styles and personal development strategies.

2. A balanced curriculum: Students learn from a classically based foundation fused with modern sight reading methods and techniques. We then incorporate the use of technology and explore styles of music of your preference, especially popular genres.

3. Flexible scheduling: Classes are offered at different times throughout the weekday, from the late morning until early evening.

4. Fully equipped: I have sound systems, amplifiers, different microphones, and recording setups. I also offer in-studio demo recording and video recording for performance feedback. In 2026 we will be building our new fully equipped studio.

5. Expert instruction and guidance: I have been fortunate enough to have vast experience in the music industry in the New York Metro area. I spent 33 years as a professional musician and 26 years as a music teacher. My experience also includes being the Vice President of a guitar company. In my younger years, I was a successful concert promoter and audio engineer. I have been a consultant to other artists and coached other music teachers. More details of my life experience can be found on the About page. 

Call or text me at 631-741-0135 and set up a FREE introductory lesson today and start your journey towards a lifetime of music!