Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. Hopefully, it will help you understand my vast music experience, knowledge, and lifestyle.

I have been an actively performing professional musician since 1989 as a soloist and with bands, both original and covers, spanning over 31 years. I have opened for many National Acts at major venues in front of crowds of up to 2000 attendees. Types of performances have included corporate, municipal, and formal events.  I was the official  Children’s Entertainer at Tackapausha Nature Preserve in Long Island NY.

I have studied with 5 different vocal coaches throughout my career, learning classical and modern techniques. I have also worked with several professional producers as an artist and spent years as a studio and live audio engineer. I have been on both sides of the soundboard.

I started as a vocalist and decided to learn guitar to accompany myself. I was fortunate as a guitarist to play with some world-class players who taught and mentored me. I learned to play piano and electric bass. I was nominated for several awards including Best Female Singer, Best Female Solo, and Best Female Fronted Band, all in the same year. 

My music teaching career started in 1998 teaching guitar and vocals privately in homes, later in my studio on Long Island, and now in Toney, Alabama.  During my teaching career, I have taught one-on-one privately, co-op classes, and have led a few children and teen singing groups. The teen groups sang at nursing homes and municipal events. I have prepared students for auditions of all levels, and have even helped some secure music scholarships. 

I was the Vice President of AlumiSonic Aluminum Guitars.  AlumiSonic was launched in June 2008.  AlumiSonic’s aluminum guitars received international acclaim for their innovative design and stunning appearance and were voted 2012’s most innovative guitar design of the year by GuitarPlanet.com. AlumiSonic was closed in 2020 during the New York extended lockdowns. 

I have been fortunate enough to accomplish many different things in the music industry, the most rewarding part is teaching others music. I enjoy getting to know each student, and then adapting my teaching style so they can learn as effectively as possible. This is why I have decided to teach again after 4 years since the shutdowns in 2020. I will also teach two high school music courses at STEM Christian Academic Collaborative School, Huntsville in 2024-2025.

My family moved to Alabama in 2020 because my husband got a job as a Rocket Design Engineer and we wanted to move our family to the Bible Belt where Christian values were still adhered to in the culture. 


In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with my husband and homeschooling my 13-year-old daughter on our hobby farm with our dog, cat, and chickens. I also school and exercise horses and we will be opening a 6-stall horse facility in late 2025. In 2026-2027 we will have a new fully functioning music and recording studio in a separate two-story building on our property. We spend any remaining time with our church family, in and out of church.

An article from “back in the day”: https://www.chorusandverse.com/content.php?id=20030704A

My last single in 2006 was “Little Sister”: I wrote the song and it was recorded in my studio with producer Micheal Berard.

Finally, me today. YES, I look different. I changed my hair color to blonde, at the request of my then 8-year-old daughter, so I would look more like her mom. 🙂

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